Angry Bunny Club

A new kind of NFT collection that rewards holders with royalties from on-chain and off-chain games.

Get ready for the launch!

Angry Bunny Club is a collection of programmatically generated NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Mint Price
Launch Date
Sep 25


Our first mission is to create a strong community and brand recognition for the bunnies. We have set up some great perks at each milestone to make this project a success.


Merch Store Launch

We'll launch the official bunny store and send some cool merch to 100 randomly picked holders.


$50,000+ Giveaway

$1,000 will be given away every week for 1 year through various activities. During this period, we'll focus on strengthening our brand by collaborating with other projects and artists.


Royalties from Secondary Sales

A 4% commission will be set on secondary sales. 50% of it will be distributed to the holders every month.


Christmas & Year-End Surprise

We have planned something very special for you.


Mobile Game Development

Work will start on a series of mobile games based on the story of our bunnies. Holders will be rewarded with 50% of the profit earned from the games.

The story so far...

After going through years of illegal genetic experiments, the bunnies orchestrated a daring escape from the secret facility they're held in. An underground club was established to understand what had happened to them and bring down the animals responsible. It was found that the side-effects of the experiments made them prone to anger and some unusual behavior. Mercenaries from Aurora Corporation, the mysterious company behind all this, are on the prowl.

And they are about to find out what happens when the bunnies are angry.

Meet our team

  • 0xHopper


  • Tcherry


  • Buster

    Community Relations